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Pure 100% Kona Coffee

Discover One of the Best in the World

If you love coffee as much as I do, then you will probably enjoy discovering a new variety that you really can enjoy. It’s very satisfying when you hit on a special flavor that suits your tastes perfectly, and there are enough varieties around the Hawaiian Islands that could keep you busy tasting for several lifetimes. Let me introduce you to my very favorite pure coffee bean – 100% Kona Coffee from Hawaii – which I highly recommend.
pure 100% kona coffee
You may think that you’ve already tried pure 100% Kona coffee, but let me warn you of something. It’s fairly easy to find coffee with the word “Kona” featured prominently on the label. However, look closely and you’ll probably find that it’s actually a blend of beans – sometimes containing as little as 10% actual pure 100% Kona coffee. The rest are usually lower quality coffee varieties from Brazil or Central America. In fact, the USA’s federal law does not require labels to specify the proportions, but Hawaii’s state laws do. So you may have to do a little investigating to find 100% Kona coffee, but believe me, it’s worth the extra effort.

To be correctly called 100% Kona coffee, the beans must have been 100% grown in the Kona Districts of Hawaii, specifically 100% on Mount Hualalai and Mauna Loa. This beautiful area on the Big Island has the 100% perfect climate for growing these delectable beans: bright, sunny mornings, rainy afternoons, and mild, cool evenings. This type of climate is not found in many places of the world, and these conditions are what make this variety rare and 100% unique.

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There are two types of pure 100% Kona coffee. The first type is more common, from cherries that produce two beans. These are the beans that most people are used to seeing, with one rounded side and one flat side where the two cherries pressed against each other as they formed. This type of Kona includes 100% Kona fancy, 100% Kona extra fancy, 100% Kona Number 1, and 100% Kona prime.

The second type of 100% Kona, the Peaberry, is more rare. When the cherry only contains one pure 100% Kona coffee bean instead of two, this is referred to as a peaberry. Some people believe that 100% peaberry coffees are more flavorful than their more common double-bean counterparts because the single bean doesn’t share components with a “twin”. Look for 100% Kona peaberry number 1 and pure Kona peaberry prime to see for yourself.